Soterios Metropoulos DEbut EP

Soterios is a dedicated singer/songwriter who's passion for his craft is inspiring.”

Julian Coryell

The 3 song EP is Soterios's pride and joy. Each song was written at different times between 2014-2016 and performed out a lot before deciding to record them. "Kissing in the Moonlight" is an upbeat country rock piece that has people tapping and singing along. "Embrace" is a beautiful ballade that is heartfelt, whimsical, and very pleasant to listen to. "Sweet Summertime" puts you in that summertime fun place all year round with its driving dance beat and simple lyrics. 

 Soterios chose to take on this project with the help of his daughter, Elissa Sophia Metropoulos, who helped produce as well as play piano and sing back-up vocals. They decided to lay down the instrumental tracks early  June 2016 at Dr. Caw Recording in Northbrook, IL. Dr. Caw has an awesome, professional studio set up in the basement of his home. It was a pleasure to work with him. David Kelly of Classical Blast joined them on drums and T.Lee of Baby Brutha on bass. They had a fun time recording the 3 songs, which they had only rehearsed earlier that day. Why the rush to record? Because a few days later, Elissa Sophia was temporarily moving to California. 

The project continued in California as Soterios visited with his wife, Miraflor, to Newport Beach for their youngest daughter's wedding in July. Soterios and Elissa Sophia journeyed up to Venice to work with Julian Coryell, renowned jazz guitarist, as well as vocalist and recording engineer. Julian offered a great ear and support that helped complete this EP. He recorded all the vocals, edited and mixed all 3 songs, and played electric and classical leads and re-recorded the bass on the two upbeat songs. They visited several times to sit in on the process and enjoyed working with Julian very much. We are grateful to his uncle, James Coryell, back in Chicago who connected us!

Finally it was time for mastering. Elissa Sophia found a legendary mastering engineer to work with, Dave Donnelly of DNA Mastering. He put the finishing touches on the 3 songs, making them sound even better than the final mix! Elissa Sophia enjoyed sitting in on the session up in Woodland Hills, CA. 

Soterios is grateful to have worked with such amazing people and to have this opportunity to share just a sample of his songwriting, guitar playing, and singing. He plays rhythm acoustic guitar on all tracks and sings all lead vocals. He hopes that anyone who hears his music would connect somehow and share them with their friends and family. Please visit the music page to download your copy now! A hard copy CD will be available soon if that interests you as well.

Name your price donation downloads of the songs available.

Soterios has been unable to work for several years due to being legally blind. He appreciates any support received through these songs to help cover the cost of recording them!

God bless you always!