Soterios Metropoulos is an acoustic guitarist, singer and songwriter. People appreciate his unique and versatile guitar stylings and rhythms. By far, the best thing about his music is the strong melody, as they often get stuck in ones head. His original music is a blend of rock, folk, and country. Soterios currently resides in Willowbrook, IL, a suburb of Chicago, with his wife, Miraflor. He has suffered from a couple eye diseases since 2000 and was considered legally blind as of 2011. Music has been his saving grace, the thing that keeps him going. 

A native of Greece, Soterios travelled to New York with his father on a ship across the Atlantic to join his older brothers, sister, and mother who journeyed earlier to find work. At the tender age of 9, the ship was his playground and as he explored, he sang and created melodies. One day a grumpy elderly person told him to be quiet, which made Soterios feel bad. That didn't stop him from growing up singing and writing music for everyone to enjoy!  

After years of working and raising a family, Soterios decided to return to his music. He was able to perform many times with his daughter, Elissa Sophia Metropoulos (link), at various venues including bars, coffee shops, retirement centers, churches, and festivals. Elissa Sophia currently resides in Los Angeles so their duo, Patera Kori, is on hold. Soterios still enjoys performing on his own and is always open to the right people to collaborate with! 

Throughout the years Soterios never stopped writing. From the reel-to-reel to his iPhone, Soterios has written probably a thousand songs. Being legally blind has been a challenge with daily life, but he continues to write and perform music. He can’t always see the frets and cannot read chord charts, but learns by ear and feel. People who meet him in person don’t even realize he’s legally blind because Soterios is always personable to talk with. He never lets on that there’s something different about him. He looks forward to recording more of his songs, but for now, he hopes you enjoy the 3-song EP including “Kissing in the Moonlight”, “Embrace”, and “Sweet Summertime”.  

Enjoying Newport Beach, California!

My dad, Soterios Metropoulos, is a natural songwriter. He just picks up his guitar, starts playing, and in minutes he writes at least one song. Ideas and melodies just come to his mind effortlessly.”

— Elissa Sophia Metropoulos